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Craftsman Series - Silverware (Flatware) Organizer

Craftsman Series Silverware Drawer Organizers
Our craftsman series silverware inserts were designed with the idea of simplicity. They are very pragmatic due to their affordability and ability to organize your kitchen. We offer 10 different layouts so that you can find the one that suits your drawer size and needs the best. All of the Craftsman products are offered in 3 different wood options so you can find the perfect solution that matches your kitchen. They are incredibly simple to install because all you need to do is drop them into your drawer. 
Custom sized to fit your drawer
  • No cutting at all to get a custom look and fit.
  • For drawer interior widths 9 1/8" to 35 1/2" and depths up to 21"
Simple order process
  • Each product fits an Interior Drawer Width Range, choose one that fits.
  • Enter your exact drawer interior dimensions. Click for HOW TO