Expand and Diversify for stronger profit

Time is money

So how can you get more profit out of each of job of your existing business?

By utilizing Drawer Essentials value adding products to your cabinetry. Our products are custom fit to your drawers and cabinets. Just drop in our Versa-Inserts organizers or install in minutes our Versa or Solo roll-outs. Let us help you get more profit out of each project and provide your customers organization and accessibility that they never had before.

Little effort, more profit, and more smiles all around.

Diversify your business

Is it good to have all my eggs in one basket ?

Not typically, we have seen in recent years how the volatility of our economy reeked havoc. Its at it again with the current oil glut and global slow down of economies.

So to start with, it is good to have your hands both in the new and remodeling construction markets for the strongest position for your business. The remodeling market always tends to weather economic storms better than the new. But new, when its there, can be a less complicated endeavor.

A 3rd market.

The 3rd market is the after-market. Retro fitting whats already in place. Whether it is economics, persons requiring easier access, or folks who just love what they got and just want to get organized with out ripping it all out, this market is always around and pretty consistent and sizable. 

You already have assets to utilize from your present business. Your sales and installation services, tape measure/drill, truck/van are there, so no investment.

Offering products and services that organize will help position and diversify your business. Giving you a new revenue stream and possibly open more doors projects in their home.

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