Classic Series - Silverware (Flatware) Organizer

Classic Series Silverware Drawer Organizers

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If you need a drawer insert to help you manage your flatware but you want something a little less basic, consider our classic series of silverware inserts. Drawer Essential’s classic series inserts enhance the elegantly simple nature of the craftsman series by adding a soft contour and enhancing your drawers with the colors and textures of wood—which has the ability to transform almost any drawer into an aesthetically pleasing and organized space.

Though not intended for odd utensils, these inserts will help make managing, organizing, and cleaning your flatware a breeze. Furthermore, because we use quality wooden materials, you won’t have to worry about your inserts breaking. Some cheaper, generic inserts are made out of plastic that is easily destroyed by metal utensils, but our classic series will withstand the test of time.

Lastly, when you opt for the classic series you don’t lose the ability to customize your inserts. You can still choose your favorite type of wood and select from 3 different layout designs. And, of course, our classic drawer inserts will still be easily dropped into your drawers without any modifications needed by you. No saws, no wood glue, and no power tools! All you need to do is make sure that your drawer is 8 3/4” to 35” and 21” deep or less. It’s never been so easy to customize your drawers and organize your kitchen!

Custom sized to fit your drawer

  • No cutting at all to get a custom look and fit./li>
  • For drawer interior widths 8 3/4" to 35" and depths up to 21"

Simple order process

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