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How to read a tape measure | How to measure your drawer | Placing an order

Installing your insert | How to remove/install a drawer

How to read a tape measure:

Here is an image of an inch on a tape measure and what fraction each line represents. Also, video below  if you need more definition.

How to Measure your drawer:

FYI: Your insert will be reduced in Width (side to side) and Depth (front to back) by 1/16" so your insert will easily drop in to your drawer.

A few notes:

If you’re ordering more than one, I would suggest bringing up each product on your computer or pad, measure your drawer interior, enter info and save to Cart one at a time to keep things straight. Or write the Product ID down and then write dimensions next to it. Be sure to double check or do each measurement twice. These are custom made for your drawers.

Here’s a couple tips for getting accurate readings:

Make sure your tape is straight and flat when reading and as close to parallel to the drawer side. With one hand in the middle of the tape use that thumb to rest on the drawer side to stabilize the tape while you read it.

Measure to the nearest fraction of an inch, smallest fraction unit being a 16th. See the 1 inch image above for number of nearest fraction.

Let’s measure:

First you measure the interior width. You will want to measure in the front, middle and back and if it is different use the shorter dimension. Enter or write down.

Second, measure the interior depth.  Again 3 measurements this time right, middle and left and if it is different use the shorter dimension. Enter or write down.

For the last dimension the interior height, take a look to see if there is one side shorter than the others first and measure that one. There are different styles of drawer boxes where the sides are slightly less than the front or back, like this one. (Point to corner with close up and close up with measuring too) Enter or write down.

Placing an order:
Choosing your Product:

Each product layout is designed to fit within a interior dimension range for the width of a drawer. All dimensions for each product are preset in the drop down box when you click on it. Just keep this width range in mind when you choose your product in relation to the interior width measurement you have. It is listed at the end of the product text in the sample image below.


Next you will choose the WOOD MATERIAL SELECTION: just click on this box and choose selection (some products only have one choice).

Then you will enter the interior drawer measurements in the drop down boxes (note: there are 2 boxes, Width Inch and Width fraction for each, width,depth,height) again your choices will be listed for that product. (See Image below)

Then enter quantity.

Before Adding to Cart, be sure to double check your dimension entries and it never hurts to measure twice.

Once you are finished with adding products but before clicking on Checkout Button be sure to read the Review Dimensions Now alert to the left of the Buttons.

Installing your insert:
Simple and easy install:

Your insert will come a little bigger or smaller than 1/16” depending on how you rounded your original dimension up or down. This will make your insert easily drop in with no need for cutting or any tools.

Also, notice the front edge of the dividers has a 1/8” notched end. This is to accommodate any protruding screw heads that might be in the way on the inside front of your drawer box.


STYLE B, C, and J Inserts:

Start by inserting the back end down in first and then drop the front down in. You might need to only partially insert the back down and then start dropping front in, just so the angle is less.

Style A and H Inserts:

You will need to pull your drawer out so the back is beyond the counter top to drop the insert straight down in. See the video on "How to remove and install your drawer" below, with examples of the 3 main slide types.

Spice tray Inserts:

Start by inserting the front end down in first and then drop the back down in. 

How to Remove/install a drawer:

Here is good video on how to remove and install a drawer with the 3 main types of slides.