About Us

Drawer Essentials was established in 2015 and born out of St. Vrain Dovetail Drawer Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality dovetail drawers and related products. We are located in Longmont, Colorado. St. Vrain started in 2003 and is a family business and owned and operated by the 2nd generation. With the addition of Drawer Essentials, we believe our custom fit drawer inserts provide you with a broad selection of options to meet your organizational needs.



Drawer Essentials products are manufactured with the growing concerns of the times.
Our environment: 

Our drawer insert organizers are made with re-purposed cutoff stock that typically is discarded to the landfills. Approximately 70% of each insert utilizes this cutoff stock.

Drawer Essentials is committed to providing a lasting quality finish on our products along with taking care of the quality of the air we breathe. Since we started producing products in 2003 we have been using a combination of waterbourne lacquer and UV cured finishes. These finishes are Formaldehyde-Free/Isocyanate-Free, HAPS-Free (hazardous air pollutant), Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

Our economy

All of the products manufactured by Drawer Essentials are built in the USA.  Our employees have been trained to provide quality products with pride.  The skills that they acquire and practice with Drawer Essentials are skills that will serve them well, whether they choose to remain with us or move on to fulfill other personal goals.  We appreciate their contribution.

Our commitment to our employees

We hold the belief that if business owners have health insurance, employees should as well.  Since 2005 we have covered 80% of the cost of our employees’ health insurance premiums.

We appreciate your taking the time to visit our web store and hope to have the opportunity to provide some of our products for your kitchen, bath or other rooms in your home or business.  We think that you will pleased with not only the product quality, but with the fact that we are re-purposing cutoff material and using environment friendly finishes and built by employees who are appreciated, valued, well trained and treated with respect.

Thank you,
Micah and Aubrey Bowen
Drawer Essentials DBA