GEORGETOWN - 5 Column Adjustable Divider: X-Large

  • $ 129.00

Important: WIDTH UPTO 35", DEPTH UPTO 21" Enter interior drawer dimensions. Read MEASURING text below.


  • Closet and bedroom dresser drawers for clothes organization.
  • Mudroom, laundry and garage cabinet drawers.
  • Collectors sectional display.
  • Commercial parts and product drawers.
  • Office and desk organizers.

Design Layout

  • Four fixed front to back divider making 4 columns, equal spaced between frame. (Side to side)
  • Includes 2 adjustable cross dividers with positioning pins that fit in holes for each column. (See additional photos) Allows you to create up to 15 cubicles per insert.


  • Adjustable Divider Organizer Inserts available in 3 wood choices.  (Click to View Wood Color)
  • Sides & Dividers are screw fastened to front and back components of frame. (Not as shown in main pictures)
  • All dividers and frame are 5/8" thick material.
  • Adjustable holes are 1 1/4" on center.

    Bottom Options:

    • No Bottom
    • Matching bottom matches side material
    • Black Velvet Covered Bottom
    • **Product height will include 1/4" bottom choice**


    • Width range: 24 1/6" to 35"
    • Depth Range: 16 1/16" to 21"
    • Heights: Available in 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6". (Note: heights are product code specific in drop down list)


    • Enter you interior drawer width and depth (front to back)
    • Insert height is as stated per product.
    • We subtract from your dimension entry 1/16" for easy drop in fit.
    • Be sure to take into account protruding screw heads at the front of the drawer.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        A T.
        Junk drawer

        They did a great job and fit perfectly, I wish the cutlery drawer had the same precision

        Mary A.H.
        Too Heavy INSERTS

        I was most disappointed with the inserts that I special ordered. They were to go into a fine piece of furniture to store Crystal. The workmanship was fine but the actuality of these being appropriate for their application was way off the mark. They were over 70 lbs which when I checked with numerous Carpenters that have told me these were definitely made out of the wrong material for their application.
        I requested management try to make this right but were not interested in trying to correct this order. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

        Robert B.
        Drawer Organizer

        I ordered a custom drawer organizer for my kitchen junk drawer. I couldn’t be happier! Quality, materials and fit are great! My junk drawer is now organized and I am a happy camper!


        High quality product exactly as promised. I just placed another order. Very pleased.

        james a.
        Excellent product and quick turn-around time.

        They fit perfect, the material is top-notch and I love them!

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