Cooking Utensil & 14" wide with 16 slot. 8 for food prep & 8 steak knife storage block combo insert collection.

space for all of your utensils while simultaneously fitting your drawer. Some of them are even made out of plastic, which makes cutting them and reshaping them very undesirable. But Drawer Essentials has the solution. Our cooking utensils organizer inserts will help clean up your kitchen drawers so you always know where your utensils are when you need them most. Our knife storage inserts are made from Maple hardwood and are sure to last for years to come as well provide you a safe way to store your knives.
Custom sized to fit your drawer 
  • No cutting at all to get a custom look and fit.
  • For drawer interior widths 14" to 35 1/2" and depths up to 21"
Simple order process
  • Each product fits an Interior Drawer Width Range, choose one that fits.
  • Enter your exact drawer interior dimensions. Click for HOW TO