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Craftsman Series Utensil Organizers

Cooking Utensil Drawer Organizer Inserts
Anyone with a kitchen knows how difficult it can be to keep a kitchen clean and organized. The fact is that generic drawer inserts and organizers can’t come close to meeting your needs. In the end, the same thing always happens. People choose to designate one drawer for all of the cooking utensils that won’t fit into any other kind of organizer. And the end result? A drawer gets stuffed with a tangled jumble of oddball cooking utensils of all shapes and sizes, and trying to find the right utensil is nearly impossible. There is always one lone offender who prevents the drawer from closing (and sometimes opening)!

Because drawers come in all shapes and sizes, there isn’t a generic insert that will provide space for all of your utensils while simultaneously fitting your drawer. Some of them are even made out of plastic, which makes cutting them and reshaping them very undesirable. But Drawer Essentials has the solution. Our cooking utensils organizer inserts will help clean up your kitchen drawers so you always know where your utensils are when you need them most.

Custom sized to fit your drawer
  • No cutting at all to get a custom look and fit.
  • For drawer interior widths 9 1/8" to 35 1/2" and depths up to 21"
Simple order process
  • Each product fits an Interior Drawer Width Range, choose one that fits.
  • Enter your exact drawer interior dimensions. Click for HOW TO