DAYTONA - Bathroom: 5 Section, Narrow Width. Reversible

  • $ 88.00

Important: Enter interior drawer dimensions. Note: For height min/max of actual inserts see Features section below.

  • Craftsman Series - Bathroom or Desk organizer available in 3 wood choices.  (Click to View Wood Color) 
  • Drawer organizers are made to order for a full custom look.
  • This organizer has 2 sections that have an adjustable cross divider (purple) to make smaller sections with. See photo below main picture for detail.
  • Clear Coat Finish on all parts.
Simple Installation:
  • Easy drop in installation with no tools or trimming needed.
  • Accommodating design for protruding screw heads in drawer front interior. See How To Install and this design detail.
  • This layout is designed for drawers with full access extension out of cabinet. Alternate reversed layout can work for partial access extension out of cabinet.

    Drawer Interior Dimensions: 

    • Just choose your drawer interior Dimensions (I.D.) in the Drop down list boxes. There is a whole number box and a fraction number box for each. If your number is whole only (no fraction) then choose Even in Fraction box.
    • Min/Max Width range - 8 3/4" - 13 1/4"
    • Min/Max Depth range - 16 1/4" - 21"
    • Height minimum - 2 1/4" (see below for Insert Height Min/Max)
    • 1/16" will be subtracted from your width & depth provided dimension(s) for easy drop in install.
      Insert Min/Max height 
      • Drawer interior hgt. - 2 1/4" & over = Max hgt. 2 15/16" (1/4" thick bottom)
      • Drawer interior hgt. - less than 2 1/4" =  Contact for Custom request. 

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 5 reviews
          Kari H.
          High quality

          Couldn’t be happier with these inserts!

          Leslie L.

          Bathroom Narrow width drawer organizer, 5 sections.

          Thomas G.

          Bathroom Narrow width drawer organizer, 5 sections.

          Cat P.
          Wonderful addition for organization

          Super happy with this additional drawer purchase. We are actually using this for a 'junk' drawer in our kitchen. The two adjustable areas allow for customization. Fits perfect. Once again love the Drawer Essential products and team!

          Robert Z.
          Top quality without paying for it

          Having narrow drawers, I could not find anything that would fit. I decided to have 2 dividers custom made. I made a few changes in the layout which he happily did for me at no charge. There is a reason people will wait 21 working days for their custom made goods. I could see from the pencil marks underneath that this was made without very much automation and mostly handwork. this is perfect in every respect.

          Robert Zykofsky Leominster, Mass

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