SALINAS - Spice Tray: 7 5/8" Width Right Divider

  • $ 80.00

Important: Enter interior drawer dimensions. Note: Minimum height clearance required is 3 1/4" from inside drawer bottom to any structure above it.


  • Three tray storage for up to 12 jars. Flat space at rear for additional storage.
  • Right side divider attached.
  • Spice drawer insert made with birch plywood.
  • Durable UV clear coat finish. 
  • Sized to order, no tools or cutting, easy drop in install.
  • Insert is 7 5/8" W. x 15" to 21" D. x 1 1/2" H.
  • Height Minimum 3 1/4" clearance with standard spice jar in tray, from inside bottom of drawer.
  • 1/16" will be subtracted from your provided dimension(s) for easy drop in install.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Rory F.
      It's not very functional

      I was really looking forward to this piece, but I was very disappointed to find that it sticks up quite high and makes the rack only usable for very small spice containers. Only the smallest tins and plastic bags fit; all the plastic spice containers I tried made it so the drawer was impossible to close. I would not purchase this one.

      Great product. Great company.

      I love the products from this company. They are very high quality and good value. They don't just process the orders without thinking about them. Their sales rep very helpfully steered me in the right direction when he saw my order (which had 2 parts to it). Customer service is very helpful. Packaging is great to protect the item. If you get the measurements correct, these items fir and look great.

      G. B.
      great kitchen drawer organizer inserts

      Really well made, and fit perfectly! Also delivered unexpectedly fast. Very happy!

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