4 Section Adjustable Divider (up to 12 cubicles) organizer insert. Interior Drawer Dimension Range: Width 12" to 24', Depth 8" to 16", Height 2" to 6". (G-04)

  • $ 103.00

Important: Enter interior drawer dimensions. Read MEASURING text below.


  • Closet and bedroom dresser drawers for clothes organization.
  • Mudroom, laundry and garage cabinet drawers.
  • Collectors sectional display.
  • Commercial parts and product drawers.
  • Office and desk organizers.

Design Layout

  • Three fixed front to back divider making 4 sections, equal spaced between frame. (Side to side)
  • Includes 2 adjustable cross dividers with positioning pins that fit in holes for each section. (See additional photos) Allows you to create up to 12 cubicles per insert.


  • Adjustable Divider Organizer Inserts available in 3 wood choices.  (Click to View Wood Color)
  • No bottom on this unit, sits directly on your drawer bottom.
  • Sides & Dividers are screw fastened to front and back components of frame. (Not as shown in main pictures)
  • All dividers and frame are 5/8" thick material.
  • Adjustable holes are 1 1/4" on center.

    Bottom Options:

    • No Bottom
    • Matching bottom matches side material
    • Black Velvet Covered Bottom
    • **Product height will include 1/4" bottom choice**


    • Width range: 12" to 24"
    • Depth Range: 8" to 16"
    • Heights: Available in 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6". (Note: heights are product code specific in drop down list)


    • Enter you interior drawer width and depth (front to back)
    • Insert height is as stated per product.
    • We subtract from your dimension entry 1/16" for easy drop in fit.
    • Be sure to take into account protruding screw heads at the front of the drawer.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        Scott G.
        Fast Shipping and Great Quality

        Quick turnaround and exceptional quality. Divider was build precisely to specs and fits perfectly in my drawer. I would highly recommend!

        Jonathan W.

        Accurate dimensions. Good quality. Shipped when they estimated it would. Nothing bad to say about it.

        Chuck H.
        5 star

        Adjustable Divider (4 to 12 section) organizer Insert - Standard Width - Depth Range 8" to 16"

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