3 Section Adjustable Divider (up to 9 cubicles) organizer insert. Interior Drawer Dimension Range: Width 24 1/16" to 35 1/2", Depth 16 1/16 "to 21", Height 2" to 6". (G-10)

  • $ 105.00

Important: Enter interior drawer dimensions. Read MEASURING text below.


  • Closet and bedroom dresser drawers for clothes organization.
  • Mudroom, laundry and garage cabinet drawers.
  • Collectors sectional display.
  • Commercial parts and product drawers.
  • Office and desk organizers.

Design Layout

  • Two fixed front to back divider making 3 sections, equal spaced between frame. (Side to side)
  • Includes 2 adjustable cross dividers with positioning pins that fit in holes for each section. (See additional photos) Allows you to create up to 9 cubicles per insert.


  • Adjustable Divider Organizer Inserts available in 3 wood choices.  (Click to View Wood Color)
  • No bottom on this unit, sits directly on your drawer bottom.
  • Sides & Dividers are screw fastened to front and back components of frame. (Not as shown in main pictures)
  • All dividers and frame are 5/8" thick material.
  • Adjustable holes are 1 1/4" on center.

    Bottom Options:

    • No Bottom
    • Matching bottom matches side material
    • Black Velvet Covered Bottom
    • **Product height will include 1/4" bottom choice**


    • Width range: 24 1/16" to 35 1/2"
    • Depth Range: 16 1/16" to 21"
    • Heights: Available in 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6". (Note: heights are product code specific in drop down list)


    • Enter you interior drawer width and depth (front to back)
    • Insert height is as stated per product.
    • We subtract from your dimension entry 1/16" for easy drop in fit.
    • Be sure to take into account protruding screw heads at the front of the drawer.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Thomas L.
        Great as always

        The drawers fit perfectly and they look beautiful.

        Jen W.
        Best Drawer Organizer in the World!

        This is my second drawer insert from Drawer Essentials, and I’m just as in love with this product as my first one. Fits like a glove, and I love how it’s able to be customized. Another homerun! Thank you, Drawer Essentials!

        Drawer divider

        A really nicely made piece that keeps all my dish towels and aprons organized. It fit perfectly and looks great. Love it.

        Robin L.
        Nice organization but ....

        These are INCREDIBLY heavy. I have a solid oak dresser and after a few days the organizer began to bend the rails so I have to gently pull out the drawer. If I pull out the drawer more than halfway the drawer will completely fall out due to the weight. Love how you can customize it though! Very solidly built.

        Hi Robin,
        Well, sorry for the issue your having. Yes the 6' high material with an insert 3 feet wide is at the top end of the size we build and weight relationship. Not sure what type of slides you have with your dresser but typically anything we build works with in the duty ratings of even standard slides. I have not had any one else have an issue of this nature to this point. Could you take a couple photos of the drawer and slides that I might be able to review that and send to me?
        I would be happy to take it back and refund your purchase in full if you would like to do that.
        Dave Jury

        Jeff S.
        Adjustable Divider Inserts

        I ordered an insert to organize my silverware drawer and one for the laundry room to organize various items I had in the drawer. I made sure to measure exactly how the instructions said and the product I received exceed my expectations which I am told can sometimes be unreasonable. In fact, I have just placed an order for an additional 11 inserts for the remaining top drawers in the kitchen, the master bath vanity and the drawers under the washer dryer in the laundry room. It makes organization so much easier and the drawers look very high end with the inserts installed.

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