How to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy (Even if You Have Kids!)

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Between work, caring for the kids, maintaining a social life, making dinner, and more —keeping your home clean and tidy can be difficult. This is especially true in your kitchen, your most used room in the house.

Your kitchen isn’t just for cooking meals — it’s where your family comes together, where you have coffee or a drink with a friend, and where loved ones gather when you have company over. With all that activity, it can be hard to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Keeping things neat may be difficult, but it’s worth it: when your kitchen is clean, it can be easier to cook rather than order takeout (and maybe even convince your kids to give you a hand). Plus, clutter can lead to decreased focus and stress whereas clean spaces can improve your mood.

Maintaining a tidy kitchen is all about organizational tools that ensure everything goes back in the correct spot, every time. With so many kitchen gadgets, utensils, knives, and flatware pieces, this is no easy task — unless you set yourself up for success.

That’s where we come in. When it comes to organizing your cutlery, knives, and utensils, we’re your go-to resource for keeping things where they belong.

Here’s how you can keep your kitchen tidy — utensils, flatware, cutlery, and all.

Optimize Your Counter Space

When your kitchen is neat, it’s far easier to find what you need and put it back in the proper spot when you’re done. And the best way to tidy up a kitchen is by freeing up the counter space.

It might be tempting to have everything out on your counter where it’s accessible. But before you know it, those appliances and utensils can take up valuable counter space — and cluttering up the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Make your kitchen appear instantly cleaner by stashing your knives, flatware, and utensils in cabinets and pantries and freeing up your counters. (Plus, empty counters are much easier to wipe down.)

To get those beautifully bare countertops, you’ll need to organize the insides of your drawers so they hold as much as possible as neatly as possible. Luckily, DrawerEssentials has everything you need to optimize your space and store every kitchen tool.

Ditch the Knife Block

Knife blocks may look great in kitchen stores, but they’re not the most practical or space-saving option at home. If you have a variety of different knives, displaying them with a knife block can make things look disorganized and mismatched.

Rather than storing knives with a knife block, use a knife drawer organizer. Knife drawer organizers are neater and much safer than just dumping loose knives into a drawer where it’s easy to grab a blade by mistake.

We have a dozen knife storage blocks made specifically to fit inside your kitchen drawers. They range in sizes, and some have space for other utensils and small kitchen items as well. With this one simple swap, you’ll free up counter space and store your knives where they’re easily accessible.

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Optimize Your Flatware Drawer

When stored properly, flatware doesn’t need to take up much space. And when you use flatware drawer organizers, you can maximize your drawer space while still knowing exactly where everything is.

DrawerEssentials has the best flatware organizers available in a variety of sizes. Whether your kitchen is compact or fit to host a 20-person dinner party, we have a flatware organizer that can keep your silverware in place.

Plus, all our drawer organizers are sized to fit your drawer interior to give it a full custom look. You just enter the size of your drawer interior and we build it to that. 

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Upgrade Your Kitchen Crock

If you want to know the best way to organize kitchen utensils, utensil organizers are your ticket. 

You might use a countertop kitchen crock or jar to store utensils such as spatulas, whisks, and wooden spoons. This has a farmhouse charm, but isn’t the most efficient way to use your space. Plus, most kitchen utensils don’t match, and as they get wear and tear from use, they become less than display-worthy.

Instead of a crock, dedicate a drawer (or two) to storing your kitchen utensils efficiently. Our in-drawer utensil organizers have slots to separate utensils into as many compartments as you need. There’s space for every kind of spatula, wooden spoon, and whisk you might own — and it’s all neatly hidden out of sight.

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Make Space for Miscellaneous

Rather than nursing false hopes that your kitchen will remain free of clutter forever, it’s better to be realistic. Small, miscellaneous items somehow make their way into every kitchen, so it’s best to make space for them before they take over a drawer meant for something else.

Use our adjustable divider organizer inserts to prepare for the inevitable small miscellaneous items. You might tidy up bag clips, rubber bands, small measuring spoons, and other essentials you’re not ready to toss out.

Plus, our adjustable drawer inserts are great outside of the kitchen, too. You can use them to store jewelry, house craft supplies, or even make collections easily accessible.

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Keep Your Kitchen Tidy Today

With kitchen drawer dividers, keeping the busiest room of the house tidy is a piece of cake. You’ll have a designated spot for utensils, flatware, knives, and odds and ends, making it simple for the whole family to pitch in and keep your home tidy.

And DrawerEssentials has everything you need to start the process. Shop our extensive line of drawer and cabinet organizers, or explore the options for ordering custom pieces. With custom drawer organizers, you can tailor your kitchen storage to your exact needs.

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