How to Make Every Room in Your Home Environmentally Friendly

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As Earth Day inspires us to be more environmentally conscious, you may be concerned about the longevity of the environment. Many people are becoming more eco-conscious, and if youre looking for a way to do your part, its simple to start at home.

Youll not only help protect the planet, but youll also save money as you learn to reuse things you already have and save on your electric and water bills. 

At Drawer Essentials, we’re committed to the environment, too. 

We repurpose wood cutoffs from our drawer box products to be used for the insert products instead of throwing them in the garbage. Also, all of our eco-finishes are manufactured with the environment in mind.  

Whether youre changing your lightbulbs or repurposing old furniture, there are many easy ways to go green. Here are some tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle at home.


Your kitchen uses a lot of energy and water. Whether youre cooking, cleaning or simply spending time with your family, there are many ways you can decrease your carbon footprint.

Upgrade your appliances to more energy-efficient models. Many of todays dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens, and other appliances have an option that allows you to save electricity and water. Look for Energy Star labels — these appliances consume less energy and water. 

Lighting accounts for nearly 9% of the total energy usage in your home. You can reduce your electricity bill and environmental impact by switching to LED lights. These lights use about 80% less electricity, and can last 20 times longer than traditional bulbs. 

Reduce your use of plastic by shopping with reusable grocery bags and using reusable food storage bags and containers. Keep your recycling bin near the area you prep your meals since youll most likely come across lots of plastic.


The average person wastes around 30 gallons of water a day, and much of this occurs when we use the bathroom, brush our teeth, or take a shower. Installing low-flow shower heads and faucets can save water and decrease your water bill.  

Americans can save more than 400,000 trees each year if households bought just one roll of recycled toilet paper. Next time you go shopping for your home, remember to pick up a couple. Its one of the many easy ways to go green.

Though you may love your cotton towels, cotton isnt the most eco-friendly fabric to produce. Consider using hemp or bamboo towels, theyre sustainable options and feel just as nice.

PVC shower curtains are very common, but PVC is known to emit many toxic chemicals that can potentially affect the health of your family. If you have a PVC shower curtain, you may want to replace it with a hemp-based one — which also reduces mold.

Living Room

Your living room is an important part of your home. If you spend a lot of time there, you may often have multiple appliances on at once. 

Though it may be tempting to crank up your air conditioner at times, consider using it less often, or using an energy saving mode. You can also use a TV with a power-saving mode or automatic-shut off function. 

If you feel a draft coming through your windows, it may be wise to replace them. Newer windows are better at regulating the temperature in your home, requiring you to heat and cool it less often.

Buying used furniture is also a smart way to save money and decrease your carbon footprint. Furniture is often thrown into landfills and may be made with lots of plastic or synthetic materials. The same can be said for home décor.

Instead of purchasing traditional décor, you can consider decorating your living room with plants. They’re a great way of adding a natural touch to your home, and can even provide health benefits. 


Bedding requires lots of fabric, and producing most fabrics puts a strain on the environment. You dont need to sacrifice comfort for sustainability, hemp and bamboo bedding feel great and are much easier to manufacture.

How often do you use everything you have plugged in when youre in your room? 

Remember to unplug unnecessary items and appliances when getting ready for bed. They may not waste a lot of energy when not in use, but it can add up if you keep them plugged in.

Perhaps the most budget-friendly way to make your bedroom more eco-friendly is to simply recycle and declutter. Go through your belongings, decide what you need, and recycle, repurpose, or donate what you dont. 

By reusing things you already have, youre decreasing your carbon footprint, and donating helps another person do the same. 


Your mission towards sustainable living doesnt need to stay indoors. There are many ways you can make the outside of your home and your yard more eco-friendly, too. 

Mulch can retain moisture in your soil and help plants and flowers grow while inhibiting weeds. When it breaks down, it nourishes the soil. Grass lawns are notorious for sucking up water, and adding mulch can reduce outdoor water usage by 50%.

Certain fertilizers can strip soil of its nutrients and lead to lawn diseases. Consider using an organic fertilizer if you have to, and only use as much as you need. You can also start composting to make use of food scraps and spread it on your soil to add nutrients.

If you really want to make a dent in your electric bill and decrease your dependence on energy, consider getting solar panels placed on the roof of your home. This is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people are discovering the financial and environmental benefits. 

Ready to Go Green?

Do your part to help the planet and boost the value of your home by making it friendlier to the environment. Not only will you help fight against climate change, but prospective buyers will align with your mission and appreciate the thought behind the changes you make.

Whether youre selling your belongings or upgrading your appliances, you can make your home more efficient and enjoyable while working towards an important goal — we’ll help you make the most of your living space. 

Organizing your belongings opens up your home, and helps prevent you from buying things you don’t need and creating more waste down the line. Our organizers will help you realize your home’s full potential.

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