The Best 6 DIY Hacks for Any Small Closet

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Closets are one of the most-needed spaces in your home. In a well-organized closet, you can store winter coats, clothing, and all the items you don’t want out all year long. Most importantly, you can access whatever you need without having to waste time searching.

Having a small closet isn’t ideal. It can be hard to keep your items clean and organized, and to find what you need when you need it. Sometimes having a small closet can feel like digging around in a bottomless pit!

So how do you organize your belongs when you’ve got minimal space to work with?

At Drawer Essentials, we understand the power of a well-organized space. Our custom drawers help you keep all kinds of small spaces organized and tidy, including a small closet.

To help you get the most out of your small closet, we’ve rounded up some of the best DIY hacks and organizational tools to help you maximize closet space and keep all your things where they need to be.

1. Utilize Door Space

The inside of your closet door is a space you’re likely not making the most of to stretch organizational space. And the best thing about incorporating your door into your organization is that it’s so versatile.

For this small closet DIY project, you can make use of baskets and hooks to hang things like purses, ties, belts, umbrellas, and hats. Even a classic over-the-door shoe organizer can be used to store small items like mittens, lint rollers, and travel coffee mugs.

This is optimal for things you might forget on your way out the door. Having everything right in front of you at eye-level will make sure you never forget something when you leave the house.

2. Add Drawer Inserts

For small closets, you can make the most of any closet drawers with organizational inserts that maximize space. There may be unused space that you can utilize with custom closet drawer inserts.

We make our interior drawer dividers adjustable so you can tailor your insert to the items you need to store — perfect for closets that need more space.

You can use drawer inserts in your closet to organize clothing by type (pants, shirts, etc.) or by season. Inserts makes it easier to see everything you own and makes your closet more accessible and user-friendly.

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3. Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those things that frequently get lost in the black hole of closets and drawers. Small jewelry can easily be misplaced, which isn’t ideal for important items like family heirlooms, wedding bands, and your most expensive pieces.

Without jewelry organizers, necklaces and bracelets can also get tangled and destroyed among other items.

You can keep your jewelry organized in your small closet by adding our custom-built inserts to any closet space.

The adjustable lateral divider layout allows you to keep earrings, necklaces, and rings in place. The black velvet cloth bottom protects your items and makes everything easy to see when you pull out the drawer.

For added organization, couple the dividers with a sliding add-on for rings and smaller jewelry.

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4. Keep Things Organized with Baskets

An instant way to make any closet bigger is to add a few baskets.

Depending on what you need to store (linens, clothing, etc.) baskets can keep your items contained and organized. Wire baskets can also be great for storing large items that you need to be able to see through the basket.

A basket can easily keep slacked shirts and sweaters neatly, without things toppling over onto each other. For added organization, try adding an insert or adjustable divider to your basket for smaller items.

5. Add an Organizer Shelf, Cubby, or Hooks

If your small closet needs a revamp, try adding a few new features to keep your things in place instead of crammed on the floor or in bags. This can make finding ties, belts, and small articles of clothing much easier, especially if you’re in a rush.

Adding hooks to any small closet lets you arrange your clothing and bags in more than one way. If space allows, you can also add shelving units at different heights (or on the door depending on the depth of the closet) to maximize storage.

For shoes, you can add a small shoe storage ottoman or bench. This is great for kids, too, who might need to sit down to put their shoes on while you’re trying to get them out the door. Just be sure to measure your bench set-up to make sure it fits properly!

6. Search for a Drawer of Any Size

Accessibility matters, especially when you’re working with a smaller closet. For closets with interior cabinets, we recommend searching for exactly the size you need with our custom search tool.

Our search tool allows you to quickly find what you need, without having to search for a drawer insert that fits just right.

With adjustable dividers for your closet, you can keep items like belts, ties, and knick-knacks separated and easy to grab when you need them. Our inserts are sturdy and adjustable, with a soft-close mechanism so you never have to worry about your drawer slamming shut.

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Get Your Closet Organized for Good

It can feel like a struggle to organize a small closet. But with a few smart closet hacks and DIY tools, you can skip the stress and find exactly what you’re looking for.

You might even discover more space than you knew you had just by making a few small alterations!

It’s never a bad idea to pare down your items while you’re organizing, but our drawer solutions make it possible to keep everything in place, even when you’re dealing with small areas.

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