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Spice Tray Inserts

Spice Tray Drawer Inserts

Nearly everyone has run into the problem of an overflowing spice rack or spice cabinet. And the worst part? It makes cooking a hassle and extremely inconvenient when it comes time to season your food.  Sometimes you can’t find the spice you were looking for so you visit the supermarket to purchase the missing spice – only to find out later that it was hiding the whole time.  After a while, the spices start to pile up and you’re left with a cabinet full of seasoning that you have paid for, but aren’t likely ever going to use. This is a very common problem, but fortunately there is an easy solution.

We provide spice tray inserts to make sure that you never run into this problem again. Our spice drawer inserts are made from birch, and they have a UV clear coat finish to make them last longer by increasing their durability. Cheap one-size-fits-all inserts usually sacrifice quality materials, and as a result, they don’t last as long and they don’t fit all sized drawers. Our spice tray inserts will fit just about any drawer. They fit drawers that are 3 ½” to 35 1/2” and can accommodate drawers that are as deep as 21”, which gives you a lot of flexibility.

Custom sized to fit your drawer
  • No cutting at all to get a custom look and fit.
  • For drawer interior widths 7" to 35 1/2" and depths up to 21".
Simple order process
  • Made from our durable UV finished Baltic Birch plywood. 
  • Each product fits an Interior Drawer Width Range, choose one that fits.
  • Enter your exact drawer interior dimensions. Click for HOW TO