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Cooking Utensil Medium width drawer organizer, 5 sections.

These fit perfectly. We just remodeled out kitchen and will definitely order more items!

Spice Tray Narrow Width Partial Drawer 3 Tier Wood Organizer. (Divider on right)


I have a 28" inch wide silverware/utensil drawer and this was the only product I could find which would fill the entire width. I am so glad I bought this item because it not only fits perfect, but looks gorgeous. It appears as if it was built into the drawer itself. Worth every penny and couldn't be happier!

Flatware Drawer Organizer

Fit perfectly and the wood was an identical match to the drawers.

Didn't quite fit

Although the specs on the insert indicated it would fit inside my drawer, I had to sand down the back and remove the drawer handle to be able to squeeze it in.

Couldn't be more pleased

These dividers are awesome. They are well made and fit like a glove. I'll be ordering more.

Ultimate Custom Flatware Drawer Organizer

This 9-section flatware drawer organizer is the next best thing to a custom drawer divider from the cabinet manufacturer. It is well-built, sturdy, and of the highest quality maple. It fits perfectly in my drawer. I would highly recommend. Took a little long to arrive, but well worth the wait.

Flatware and Utensil Combo

Fix perfectly! So satisfying to have compared to plastic organizers. And the wood grain matched our existing drawers wonderfully.

Bathroom Drawer Organizer

Fix perfectly! So satisfying to have compared to plastic organizers. And the wood grain matched our existing drawers wonderfully.

Knife and Cooking Utensil Combo

Fix perfectly! So satisfying to have compared to plastic organizers. And the wood grain matched our existing drawers wonderfully.


I had purchased three bamboo draw organizers through amazon and they all broke or shifted around in the draw. This organizer fits into my draw perfectly and does not slide around. It looks perfect and matches the draw nicely. Great purchase.

Combo customization

I asked them to combine the cooking utensils with a steak knife block. It came out perfect!! I did a big kitchen remodel but the cabinet maker did offer organizers. These are well made. I went with maple to match my cabinets. It has made life so organized.

Steak Knife/ Gadgetry Combo Insert

I am in love with this drawer essentials insert. I asked them to combine the steak knife insert with a gadget insert. It came out perfectly!! Fit perfectly! It has made life in the kitchen so much better.

Spice Tray Wide Width Drawer 3 Tier Wood Organizer.

Exactly what I wanted!

LOVE my new drawer organizers! Quality is excellent and they fit perfectly. My cabinetry is custom sized so wasn’t sure I could find anything to fit just right but talked to Micah on the phone and he was very helpful in explaining the products. Ordering was easier than I thought, less expensive than I thought and they arrived in about a week! Very happy with my purchase!!

Roll out kit - Drawer

Package arrived very badly tattered. No install instruction or attachment screws included - had to run out to purchase screws & fasteners while installer waited in kitchen.
Though after install, I am very pleased with product. Great organizer!

Well made, perfect fit

Better than I expected. Basically the same as a built in, but at a fraction of the cost. Great purchase!

Not as expected

Had an additional section in it that I was not expecting and so it was a total waste.

Exactly what we needed

Ordering was easy and the product fit exactly as expected. Have already provided our contractor with your web address for other customers.

Fits perfectly and high quality! And they were so friendly and easy to reach out to with questions about our order. Our drawer was just deep enough and it fits newer Whole Foods 365 brand and McCormack spices, but we will slowly have to rotate away from Morton and Basset spices which have slightly too large of lids. Worth the wait!

Perfect Silverware Drawer: high quality

Had a large drawer for silverware and had trouble finding inserts. Drawer essentials had the perfect wood, custom made, dividers. My cabinet builder wanted all the information because it looks so good. LOVE IT.

My go to drawer organizers

Return customer for drawer and cabinet organization. Excellent service and top quality product. One of the first things I ordered when I moved into my new house. As long as you get your measurements correct they will take care of everything else. All the inserts fit like a glove.

Custom flatware insert

This is the best insert we have ever seen, it was packaged very well and the maple insert fit exactly as ordered. We highly recommend for all custom inserts !