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quality, quality, quality

We weren't sure when we ordered this if this was a good decision. We were thrilled with the product. It fits perfectly on our drawer, the materials that were used are outstanding and the quality workmanship was exceptional. Looking at our other drawers to see what we can do with those. Highly recommend.

Great product - highly recommend

I ordered two inserts - one for cutlery and one for utensils. They fit and look like it was built into drawer. Much cheaper than ordering with my cabinets and flexible that I can take out whenever I want. I highly recommend this product.

Love this utensil organizer!

We ordered the organizer for flatware and are amazed at how perfectly it fits in the drawer, no sliding around!! The wood and craftsmanship are beautiful and give our kitchen a very high end feel. We will definitely order more. They are 100% worth the price!

Drawer Inserts

I ordered 3 different inserts and they were absolute perfection!

no more store bought inserts for me

This was worth every penny. I tried to used store bought inserts but they were not the right size and looked awkward in the drawer. This fits perfectly and will keep all my silverware nicely organized.

perfect for my coffee storage

Always wanted a k-cup drawer and now I have one! Needed to have it modified with the Hampton utensil inset as the drawer was really large. Received it last week and it fit perfectly in the drawer. Excited to have my k-cups and tea bags finally organized!

A Thing of Beauty!

It makes me so happy when I open my spice drawer! Everything is organized and lined up so I know what I have and what I need. Construction is A++!

Exactly what I was looking for!

While looking for a drawer organizer, I realized my drawer's measurements were not quite included in the standard Rev-a-Shelf drawer organizer. Unfortunately I have no tools to cut the closest down to size. I ordered from Drawer Essentials and received exactly what I needed. High quality, beautiful forever product. I can finally access all my dishes without a stepstool.

Perfect fit! Just what I wanted

Function and Beauty

These drawer inserts are beautiful and functional!!! I smile every time I open my drawer! LLooking forward to getting more!

Fits perfectly

High quality and perfect fit. Will order again!


I wish a close up picture or the option of not having notches would be better clarified before the purchase. When I ordered something custom, but it doesn’t look custom defeats the purpose and justification of the expense.

Excellent drawer insert

I love my maple wooden drawer insert from Drawer Essentials. They made it to the exact dimensions I specified and almost all of the horizontal dividers are adjustable with little metal pegs. It fits in my drawer perfectly tight and I can re-adjust the horizontal divider to my hearts desire. Thank you Drawer Essentials!

Great Quality

Precision built, perfect fit. Look like it was built as a part of the original cabinet. Arrived on schedule. Thanks!!

Had to buy again for my new house!

We moved a few months ago and I had to leave my custom drawer dividers behind. So first priority was to buy new ones! They are fantastic, super well built and the correct size. If anything, I’d like to see a thinner bottom as it’s not really supporting any weight and the thicker bottom takes up space in the drawer. I’ve had people just mouths agape at how nice these are and it makes finding your kitchen supplies and putting away your dishes so much easier. I absolutely love them.

I have never been so organized!

This was a great purchase. It is excellent quality and being able to move dividers made it perfect for my needs.

I just wish I could have seen how wide each compartment would be before ordering.

Fits perfectly

I love my flatware organizer. It looks like it was made with my drawer. It doesn’t slide around at all.

I only wish I had known how big the 2 side compartments were going to be - I would have paid to have more dividers put in.

Amazing Quality!

Absolutely worth every cent! Fit perfectly, well made and delivered safely. I will be purchasing more! Thank you!


I was most disappointed with the inserts that I special ordered. They were to go into a fine piece of furniture to store Crystal. The workmanship was fine but the actuality of these being appropriate for their application was way off the mark. They were over 70 lbs which when I checked with numerous Carpenters that have told me these were definitely made out of the wrong material for their application.
I requested management try to make this right but were not interested in trying to correct this order. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

Great product

Worked perfectly in our new kitchen drawer. It was definitely a splerge but toally worth it!

Scottsdale Spice Tray

Drawer Essentials customized this spice tray for a vanity drawer, and it fit perfect.
I was so satisfied with the product that I just ordered 3 more drawer organizers for my kitchen..

Such a simple item changes much!

The drawer flatware organizer is exact in precise measurement to fit neatly and completely in our wide drawer. A simple gift to my wife and we both know where any items are located and easy to find. The organizer is very well made and it looks like it belonged in the drawer like an original part of the drawer. Well done,

Charleston Flatware Organizer

Love it! Fits and organizes perfectly!

kitchen utensil drawer

excellent product. measurements were accurate and slipped right into my drawer. So much organization now to make my kitchen more efficient