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Knife (7 slot) & Cooking Utensil Combo Medium drawer organizer, 4 sections.

  • $ 154.00

Important: Enter interior drawer dimensions. Note: For height min/max of actual inserts see Features section below for details.

  • Craftsman Series - Cooking utensil with cutlery knife storage organizer available in 3 wood choices.  (Click to View Wood Color)
  • Maple hardwood with butcher block finish food prep knife storage block.
  • 7" width with 7 slots (2-2", 2-1 1/4", 3-1" deep slots). (Click for slot side view) Includes handle rest 1 1/4" high. Slots all 1” on center layout. Slots are 1/8” wide.
  • Clear coat butcher block finish on all parts
Simple Installation:

    Drawer Interior Dimensions: 

    • Just choose your drawer interior Dimensions (I.D.) in the Drop down list boxes. There is a whole number box and a fraction number box for each. If your number is whole only (no fraction) then choose Even in Fraction box.
    • Min/Max Width range -  18 3/8" - 26 3/8"
    • Min/Max Depth range - 15" - 21"
    • Height minimum - 2 1/2" (see below for Insert Height Min/Max)
    • 1/16" will be subtracted from your width & depth provided dimension(s) for easy drop in install.
      Insert Min/Max height 
      • Drawer interior hgt. - 3 7/16" & over = Max hgt. 3 3/8" (3/8 thick bottom)
      • Drawer interior hgt. - 2 3/4" to 3 13/32 = Drawer Interior Hgt less 1/16" (3/8 thick bottom)
      • Drawer interior hgt. - 2 1/2" to 2 23/32" = Drawer Interior hgt. less 1/16" (1/4 thick bottom)
      • Drawer interior hgt. - less than 2 1/2" = Unavailable

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 5 reviews
            Great Fit

            I am very happy with the way these drawer inserts turned out. The online ordering was very easy to use and I was even able to modify one of the inserts to my specifications.I have to say this is one of the more satisfying purchases that I’ve made in a long time, the quality of this product made me believe I got my money’s worth.

            drawer inserts are highest quality

            order came as promised in a timely manner-several drawer inserts all good including a knife block and jewelry compartment for master, Thanks

            Updated Review

            Update on my review above:
            Customer support contacted me re: my review, and I couldn't be happier with the result. Indeed my order was a 'fluke.' Apparently I received a unit that was defective on multiple accounts. The knife block, when made to specification, is actually very well designed. The different sized slots accommodate 2 larger chefs knives, 2 medium-sized knives, and 3 smaller knives, perfectly. DrawerEssentials sent me an entirely new unit, at no cost to me and promptly, with the corrected block attributes, and no defects whatsoever. Great product, and great service.

            5 star

            Fits perfect!

            Knife block poorly designed, arrived damaged

            The unit came damaged. A corner of the base has a 1" chip, and the base piece itself is warped, so it doesn't lay flush with the drawer bottom.

            Also, the knife block is really poorly designed. I have 6 knives, and only 1 fits correctly. These are standard knives most people have in their kitchen, nothing crazy (Wustof). I also bought a silverware drawer, which is terrific, but I'd steer clear of the knife block (it's expensive as well).

            I hope the condition issue is a fluke, but I've emailed the company, with pics of the damage, and still haven't heard a word back.

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